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4 TeraBytes HDD support

4 TeraBytes HDD support
17.10.2013 07:23:09
I am one of the fun of ArchivistaBox.. I was Installed Archivista 64bit in my Computer and I have a 4 terabytes HDD. when i installed the software
it seems that the system only read 2 terabytes not 4 terabytes.. what will be the solution or any suggestion ?.. thank you very much.. I used ArchivistaBox (build 2011-04-22).

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Re: 4 TeraBytes HDD support
14.02.2014 14:02:23
For the ArchivistaBox Mini, we only support 2 TB. If we will upgrade to 4 TB, we will see. To be quite frank, I'm more amazed by raid systems with 2.5" drives, there (commercial editions) we support up to 50 TB (or even more).
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